This is one of the most useful ice fishing kits on the market. It is simple and portable. If you are concerned about your gear getting broken then I strongly recommend this little kit.

I have been slowly working on making informative pages about all of the different species of fish that you can catch while ice fishing. If you want to check it out, the links are on the left side of this webpage. I have included tips about what they eat and where to find them so I hope this info helps. Have fun and good luck.

I know it's been a while since I've been here updating but I have began to add more info and I just started with writing and posting a new article. If you are interested you can check it out at to Design Your Own Ice Fishing House

I realize that it has been a long time since I have been here and updating this site. I fully intend to keep on working on it and I also have lots of ideas that I am going to add to this site as soon as I can. Hopefully all of these ideas can be implemented today. Enjoy your outdoors.
Today it is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in Texas so if you want to, get out on the ice. I strongly suggest it because it might be the only time this decade.

I just cranked out another article that gives great advice for beginners to the ice fishing world. Check it out here Ice Fishing Ideas for Beginners. Also, happy belated valentines day and happy family day today.

I know it has been a while since I have updated this site but I have been relativley busy lately. But now it is done and hopefully I can keep updating as often as I used to. I have started posting information about different species of fish. Good info about what to use as bait, what test line to use, and where to find those sneaky buggers hiding. My first species that I have created a page about is about ice fishing trout.

I have just posted another awesome ice fishing article online and it is alreadying showing up in google searches. I am quite pleased with the quality of my work, now I just need the quantity to increase. This article is called Ice Fishing Spears Locations and Destinations. I strongly suggest that you read it and rate it highly.

A few days ago I wrote an article while at work. It was quite nice doing some thing just for myself and still getting paid for it. It is called Ice Fishing Spears are the Best Weapon. I tried to make it kinda humorous. I think it is funny but let me know what you think.

If you are done freezing your butt off and want to have a few chuckles then I suggest that you check out these ice fishing jokes. I am planning on adding new ones everythime that I find more good ones. If you hear of any ones that you want me to post then just let me know and I'll add them.

I hope all of my ice angling friends out there are having a great holiday season and have an excellent and prosperous new year. Remember though, if you are drinking during those holiday parties, never drive. I true friend will let you crash on the couch (or the floor).

I have added another page about the ice fishing articles that I have written. Feel free to read enjoy and possibly rate them if you think they are good enough.

Another page has been created. This one is about the most awesome weapon in your arsenal. It is the ice fishing spear. This ice fishing spear is so cool it makes me wish I looked better in a loincloth. But that might be a wee bit cold out on the ice.

Once again I have been testing my writing skills. I am quite pleased with the outcome. I have created and posted an article online. It is called "Simple Ice Fishing Equipment" and it is all about the basic ice fishing equipment that you are going to need if you want to head out on the ice.
Simple Ice Fishing Equipment.

The latest addition to the site is about ice fishing augers. This page comes with a warning not to use dynamite to cut a hole in the ice.

Another page about ice fishing tackle has been added to the website. There is a ton if ice fishing tackle out there on the market, so I just wanted to describe a little bit of the selection.

I just added another page about ice fishing locations. I still have lots of work to do on that page but it is starting out quite nicely.

Last night I transfered some info fron the old ice fishing website to this new one. The info is all about ice fishing shelters. There is even a nice picture that goes with it.

Today was the first day this season that I had to scrape the windows on my car. As horrible as that sounds it is just another sign that winter and ice fishing season is just around the corner. It may be a cold pasttime but it is also a dangerous one. Thin ice and other dangers assocated with the ice fishing lifestyle kill many people each year so stay safe out there on the ice. To further stress this point I have created a page about ice fishing safety. Hopefully this knowledge will help someone out and maybe save a life or two.

I have just added another page on this site that is all about ice fishing equipment. It is about all of the ice fishing equipment that you could possibly need and some that you don't. There is also a full list of equipment that you should look at before you head out on your next ice fishing adventure.

Ok. I finally put the final touches on the look of the website. I kinda like it. Maybe I won't change it anymore. I probably will though, change is good. But for now I am just going to focus on content instead of style. Then i'll see you on the ice.

I have finally decided to post this new style of website online. I did not do it earlier because I was busy and actually forgot about it for a while, Oh well, it happens. Hopefully you will like it more and appreciate the new features that I have established.
I will now be adding as much useful information about ice fishing that I possibly can. I know that this site will be great and maybe it will help you get out there on the ice this winter.

I am currently working hard to get this template up and running. This is my fourth template that I have created and I am going to be posting it online before the weekend. I have decided to make the site more helpful to anglers than just providing info about ice fishing. I have found a really nifty button from the weather network and I am planning on reviewing individual lakes, resorts, and outfitters.


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